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The Walking Dead game season finale release date announced

Telltale Games released a trailer for the season finale of their “Walking Dead” series and announced the release dates for the episode.

The fifth and final episode of the critically acclaimed game’s second season will be released on August 26th for PC/Mac and for Playstation 3 and PS Vita in North America. The Xbox 360 version and the European versions for PS3 and PS Vita are going to be released on August 27th, while iPhone and iPad versions will come out on August 28th.

The new trailer features a summary of the game so far from Clementine’s perspective. It focuses mostly on her choices throught the second season and her relationship with Lee during the first season. According to the developer, the video also contains an exclusive scene created specially for the trailer. The scene features Clementine, still at her house, being filmed by her babysitter as she tells her parents, over the phone, that there is a raccoon in the tree house. The trailer ends with the punchline “Who will you become?” indicating that everything has been leading up to this moment, where Clementine has to make a crucial choice. How things will unfold and what that choice is going to be depends on the players’ actions during the past games.

Although there aren’t any scenes from episode 5 in the trailer, Telltale has announced some elements of the plot. Winter is coming and the survivors need to find shelter and food as fast as possible. The developer hints that walkers will be a greater threat than ever now that the group also needs to take care of the newborn. It is also specified that the players’ choices will decide Clementine’s fate in the finale. You can watch the trailer below and leave your impressions in the comments. Before you press play, be warned that it contains spoilers from all the “Walking Dead” games released so far.

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