First 64 bit Android phone will be the HTC Desire 820

64 bit phones have become a reality this year with the iPhone 5s, but the technology was not yet implemented on Android, until now. HTC has confirmed the rumors that they will be releasing a 64 bit Android smartphone, namely the Desire 820. The mid-range 64 bit Android model will supposedly run on the Snapdragon 615 chipset, confirmed through leaked images on HTC’s Weibo.

The images that have been leaked on the Weibo account confirm that the new HTC Desire 820 will run on a 64 bit Android OS powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 615 CPU with an Adreno 405 GPU. The previously leaked HTC A11 Desire model claimed a 420 Snapdragon chipset and Adreno 306 GPU, which points to the fact that HTC may be prepping two 64 bit Android Desire models this year.

The date September 4 has also been noticed in the leaks, so HTC might have several surprises for us at the IFA Berlin conference. IFA this year is going to be very interesting, since rumors have been flying around about a 64 bit Android Galaxy Note 4 as well, so that already poses the question: will we have two firsts? If that will be the case and both HTC and Samsung decide to release 64 bit Android smartphones at the conference, we wonder which one will become more successful. Logic would point towards the Galaxy Note 4, because leaked information about the device reveal extraordinary specs and an Exynos Octa-Core 5433 CPU, while the HTC Desire 820 will margin mid-range specs.

In any case, a 64 bit Android device (or more) is certainly to be expected to land at IFA Berlin, especially since the Android L (or Lemon Merengue Pie) is an OS optimized for 64 bit capabilities. Since there already are tablets with 64 bit CPUs, and Apple has put pressure on Google to release 64 bit models and software, the apparition of the new smartphones and Android L comes just in time, if not a little late.

Nvidia will also bring Android L support to its 64-bit Tegra K1 chip, which will be in mobile devices by the end of the year.”There is one version of L. It supports both 32 and 64 bit processors. We are already working on L with Tegra K1 64-bit,” Nvidia spokesman Ken Brown said in an email. Qualcomm has also announced 64-bit ARM-based chips, but hasn’t said anything about Android L support yet. On its part, MIPS said it will bring Android L support to its chips as well, so we’re looking forward to the developments.