iWatch to be released on September 9

The iWatch is becoming more and more controversial by the day. A few days earlier, reports have come that manufacturing and assembly wasn’t going according to plan and some screen issues had arose as well. These rumors have prompted many to believe that iWatch unveiling will be postponed from current October release date to 2015. Now, there’s a new rumor out there: September 9.

Re/code reports that the iWatch unveiling was announced by Apple to take place on September 9. We don’t know where the information comes from, but since Re/code has a good leak track record, there might just be something to their report. If the iWatch will be unveiled on September 9, it will surely come alongside two big brothers: the iPhone 6’s two unknown variants. I can already imagine the stage, with the iWatch in the middle, coordinated by both iPhones on its sides…

The iWatch will certainly make use of Apple’s HealthKit and HomeKit, which brings back memories of science fiction novels I’d read in the ’90s. I suspect that if such a comprehensive unveiling is planned for September, the event will be even more successful. The iPhone 6 has stirred up a lot of chatter, and promises to come as a revolutionary flagship to compete with Sony’s, HTC’s and Samsung’s devices. Since so many different leaks have described the iWatch in different manners, we can’t know for sure what it will look like, but we expect quality in any case.

With Apple’s smartwatch paired to the new iPhone 6, the duo will certainly break some hearts since the whole idea is so futuristic and geeky that you can’t resist. Especially if some kind of package deal were offered, what do you think, Apple? Nonetheless, the gadget promises to be the ultimate smartwatch with great fitness tracking capabilities and it will probably retail for about $300 and will feature premium design.

If the iWatch were to be released just after IFA, it might bypass the hype LG and Motorola will create around their own smartwatches, not to mention Samsung planning to unveil new Gear equipment as well. This September will certainly be a memorable one, the battle getting heated already between most important challengers.

We need to keep in mind that there probably are a lot of issues in production, and Apple’s smartwatch will probably be unavailable for most of us at first. We suspect that our suspicions about delayed production and availability are true, except the revealing. The unveiling will certainly show us the smartwatch, but it might not let us buy it yet.