Firewatch reveal trailer was shown at PAX

Developer Campo Santo released the reveal trailer for their “Firewatch” game at PAX. The new trailer shows amazing outdoors graphics and some of the gameplay features. You can watch it below and leave your impressions in the comments.

“Firewatch” is a first person adventure game, slated for a 2015 release. According to the developer, the game is a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness. Players take control of Henry, a man who has left behind city life in order to work as a fire lookout in the before-mentioned wilderness. He works from a tower situated on high ground, on top of a mountain. Henry has to look for smoke and keep the wilderness safe through a hot and dry summer. His only contact with the outside world is his supervisor, Delilah, a woman that speaks to him over a handheld radio. When something strange draws Henry away from his tower, players will have to explore a wild, unknown environment, making choices that can affect the protagonist’s relationship with Delilah.

The trailer reveals several elements that make the game feel more realistic and that are not very common in known first-person games. Some of these features include the character shielding his eyes from the sun or pushing branches out of his way. These make the game feel more realistic, as if you, the player, are really the guy that you are controlling. Bottom line, this is a game worth looking forward to, specially by FPS or adventure games fans.

“Firewatch” is being developed by Campo Santo, a studio that unites former Telltale, Double Fine, Klei and 2K Marine employees. According to the developer, the game has an emphasis on storytelling, evocative animations and stunning graphics. “Firewatch” will be released in 2015 on Windows, Linux and Mac. The developer hasn’t stated if there are plans for console versions yet.