Playstation 4 gets fan requested “Themes” feature

Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita will get some new features, according to the announcement made by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia during their press conference in Tokyo. One of these is the popular Playstation 3 feature, Themes. The fan favorite feature was shown during the conference. The theme chosen by Sony was featuring classic Playstation mascots, such as Toro the Playstation Cat. Once the feature is officially released, players will be able to get free themes or to purchase them from the Playstation Store.

Themes is one of the most requested features by Playstation 4 owners, which makes its announcement somewhat normal. It will become available through the next updates (v.2.00 for PS4 and v3.30 for Vita). The new Playstation themes vill be distributed through Playstation Store. Sony announced that they will share more information about the feature in the coming weeks.

Another important announcement made by Sony is the addition of the “Live from Playstation” app on the PS Vita. This app allows players to watch live streams from Twitch and Ustream on their Vita. This feature has been on PS4 since November 2013. According to Sony, 150 million live streams have been watched through the app until the end of May 2014. This makes it a very successful feature and therefore its implementation justifies itself rather easily.

It remains to be seen whether the themes feature will live up to the hype. According to most of its users, it is one of the major things that has been missing from the Playstation 4. Sony acknowledged their customers’ wish to have this features, and therefore it will soon be released. The big question is, will the company manage to make it a feature as good as the one from Playstation 3, where users could create their own themes and customize their consoles however they wanted? Many users tend to complain because Sony is asking money for themes. On one side, theme prices can’t be that high. Judging by the prices for PS3 themes, they might be between 90 cents and $2. But that remains to be seen. On the other side, if players don’t want to spend money on themes and they still want to customize their Playstation 4, there will be free themes as well. Bottom line, people wanted this feature and now they will get it.