Samsung Smart Home at IFA

Samsung has been quite the talk of the town lately with tens of products to be released at IFA Berlin this year, including the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Gear S and the company’s new Smart Home portfolio. We’ve talked a lot about the Note 4 and Gear S so the time has come to tell you something about the Smart Home system that will be available after the conference.

Smart Home is set to include products and services that will cater to your security concerns as well as to your comfort, the company revealing that they will also partner with third-party products to increase the productivity and efficacy of Smart Home. Energy management is also a feature to be included, which will be an attractive feature for those of us interested in eco-friendliness.

Smart Home’s portfolio will also include digital door locks, location awareness, smart plugs and IP cameras which you will be able to access via your phone or television or even by voice control. A Home View feature was also added to IP camera which will allow you to access your camera’s feeds from wherever you are so you can monitor what’s going on at home or capture your cats stealing some cookies or learning to use the bathroom.

The energy management feature will come in handy when wanting to monitor air conditioning or appliances in order to watch costs or simply save and preserve energy. You can also set limits and request notifications for when those limits are crossed by certain appliances so that you can be in full control of what’s happening within your home.

Samsung’s Smart Home will also let you use S Voice in order to issue voice commands to the system, which is a futuristic touch that will certainly come in handy and if properly developed, will probably be a helpful tool for those with disabilities. Voice commands for Smart LED lighting, AC units, and robotic vacuums have been built into Galaxy smartphones and Gear smartwatches, so Smart Home kind of comes off as a package deal. 

Location awareness is also a neat feature included in Smart Home paired with a device, because it knows where you are and you can set it to turn things on or off based on your location, or even set temperatures and appliances to your liking so that when you get home, you can already be nice and comfy with the air conditioning already working and your oven already turned on so that your pot roast will be ready by the time you put your slippers on.

Rumor has it that many appliance manufacturers are already in on the plan and Samsung plans to expand its Smart Home system even further, so we might be able to control anything and everything in our homes soon enough. If you’re interested in investing in this kind of tech, that is, because it surely won’t come cheap. All of the details and more will be revealed by Samsung at IFA in a few days, so stay tuned!