Wildstar will soon get Megaservers, free realm transfers now available

Carbine Studios revealed earlier that they’ve been working on improving the Wildstar servers for quite a while now and will be soon ready to launch the Megaservers. Just as the name suggests, these servers will be able to support a much larger population of players, which should results in more raids, more groups, more activity, more… well, everything. Carbine also says that character slots for each Megaserver will be increased once the servers launch. More details will follow shortly, but for now know that all guilds, mail, auction items, arena teams and circles will transfer to the new servers. Also, normal realm restriction rules do no apply during the transfer in this case. Although Megaservers will offer plenty of benefits to the Wildstar community, there will also be a downside as realm rule sets will disappear and be replaced with five region-wide chat channels.

“Under the new MegaServers, there will be one PvP and one PvE realm per Data Center,” Carbine said earlier on the Wildstar forums. “We’ll also increase the number of available character slots for each Megaserver. There’s lots more information to come, with some questions already answered in our FAQ and more on the way. When the time comes, all guilds, arena teams, circles, mail and auction items will transfer to the new Megaservers. The normal “realm transfer” restrictions will not apply during this transfer. Unfortunately, one of the byproducts of this is that realm rule sets will be going away, so we will replace them with five region-wide chat channels – Roleplay, French, German, French Roleplay and German Roleplay. More details on this will be revealed soon.”

The studio also announced that starting today, Wildstar features free realm transfer for all players. Carbine still has some work to do before it can introduce Megaservers to the game, but they promise us that more details regarding their progress will follow soon.