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Sony announces Remote Play for their new Z3 devices

Sony announced that their new Z3 devices (two phones and a tablet) will support PS4 Remote Play. So far, the company has only managed to showcase this feature on a Playstation Vita.

The process is as follows. Your Playstation 4 console detects the Z3 phone/tablet through WiFi and unlocks it, letting you play remotely. To do so, you need a Dualshock4 Wireless controller, attached to the phone or tablet with GCM 10 Game Control Mount. In addition to this, players can also connect their Z3 device to a PS4 and use it as a second screen. This enables you to watch game streams or chat over PSN and play a game on the main screen at the same time. Through the second screen, you can also purchase PS4 games and set them to download on your console. Remote Play is going to be a Z3 exclusive feature, so support for older devices is out of the question. The Game Control Mount and the Remote Play service are bound to be released together with the Z3 devices. So far, the price of these additions is unknown.

Sony’s Z3 devices and their new Remote Play feature are a huge step in the mobile gaming area. Despite the fact that the new technology is still limited to the range of the Wi-Fi (meaning that you can only use Remote Play from your house), it’s still an advancement. Being able to play your favorite Playstation 4 games on a handheld tablet seemed like something impossible before, but now it’s a reality. You basically use your smartphone/tablet as a screen for the PS4. And what a screen that is. According to Sony, the Z3 tablet has the sharpest 8 inch Full HD display on such a device. The company states that it stays as sharp and vivid even in bright sunlight. Bottom line, Remote Play for Z3 devices is one of the most exciting innovations I’ve seen this year.

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