Angry Birds Transformers on October 15, Stella is out of the cage!

Rovio never stops, proving it once again with the new trailer for Angry Birds Transformers and the fresh release of Angry Birds: Stella on Google Play and iTunes.

Angry Birds Transformers is due to launch on October 15 and as the name probably suggests, it will feature some kind of robot transforming birds in disguise. Rovio has already introduced two trailers for the game, one really retro 80s Transformers show inspired trailer and one other CGI one at Comic Con earlier, which shows 3d characters using cannons and guns to destroy their arch enemies.

Rovio has yet to show off any actual gameplay of Angry Birds Transformers, but it probably won’t stray much from previous Angry Birds games. It would be nice to see an action game being released from Rovio, but whether a complete redesign of the game would be appreciated is not a certainty. We’ve been used to Angry Birds the way it is and that’s what makes it so entertaining and addictive in the first place.

You can watch the two trailers below:

Angry Birds Transformers Comic Con version

Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer

In other Rovio related news, Angry Birds Stella has been launched with a blast earlier. Angry Birds Stella has been described by developers as an attempt to ignore the stereotypes pinkified characters might bring to the game and have officially declared that the game is not targeted at girls only, rather at both genders.

Angry Birds Stella comes with a completely new set of characters, Stella, Poppy, Luca, Gale, Dahlia and Willow, all female birds who participate in the same kind of action Angry Birds had in previous games: knocking out piggies. The game has a quality feel to it, levels have been designed with care, in app purchases are still there and the whole storyline and design of the game show the high level of interest that has gone into this project from Rovio developers.

Angry Birds Stella is no different in gameplay than previous versions of the game. offering the same levels of difficulty and the same kinds of quests. The game allows unlocking of special characters with toys, actually, called Telepod toys which are recognized through your device’s camera and thus unlock characters in your game.

It’s an interesting marketing strategy that keeps the game free-to-play, yet helps developers make a profit out of it by selling the merch that will help you play the game further. Any IAPs offered within the game are not crucial ones and you can still experience the full game without spending money on it, which is a good strategy appreciated by most fans.

You can check the game out in the video below:

With the success of Angry Birds Stella, we can only imagine what the Transformers edition will bring in a month or so to fans all over the world on Android and iOS. Transformers will certainly bring something new since it has been anticipated for so long, so keep your eyes peeled.