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The Room Three and Omega Agent to be launched Spring 2015

The Room was the perfect game when it launched on Android for many, The Room Two was as good as the first, but now, there’s The Room Three, bringing the 3D goodness to your Android  and iOS device early next year. Fireproof games has announced the launch of The Room Three earlier today, and people are surely excited about the new game and wonder what puzzles they will have to complete in the new edition. The first two The Room games were released to immense success, thanks to the thrilling 3D puzzles the game brought to the screen.

the_room_three That’s not all Fireproof Games is planning for 2015, although more details about The Room Three would have been nice, or at least some screenshots or whatnot, but hey, we do love a little mystery in our leaks and announcements. Anyway, Fireproof Games has announced something as exciting as The Room Three at IFA today: Omega Agent.

What? Omega Agent was announced by the developer as a game specifically designed for Virtual Reality headsets. The announcement was made shortly after Samsung unveiled its Gear VR headset at their IFA Unpacked event. Omega Agent’s action centers around a remote island facility where cold-war spies are being trained. Players will get to fly around a creatively designed city using nuclear-powered jetpacks in order to complete quests and missions.


Imagine riding a jetpack in virtual reality, using weapons and navigation system right there, in front of your very eyes. Virtual reality is impressive by itself, but paired with such an apocalyptic game, it will surely make for the experience of a lifetime. Well, maybe not of a lifetime, but it will certainly be a unique activity for those of us who don’t have VR headsets at hand. What’s neat about this announcement is that both The Room Three and Omega Agent will be playable on Android and iOS devices and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR headset as well at Eurogamer Expo, from September 25 to September 28. Here’s a screenshot of Omega Agent:


Looks awesome, right? Which game are you more excited about? The Room Three or Omega Agent? I vote both.

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