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Destiny is optimized for Remote Play through PS Vita

Good news for Playstation 4 owners who plan on getting Bungie’s Destiny. The FPS will be optimized for Remote Play so that you can enjoy it even when someone else is using the TV. If you own a Vita and a Playstation 4, you can use the handheld to play at any time.

Sid Shuman of Playstation blog announced that, during the week of Destiny Beta, a lot of PS 4 owners were streaming teh game to their Vitas through Remote Play. He also adds that Destiny was the number 1 title for Remote Play during July. Shuman praises Bungie for optimizing the controls for their game. Besides the regular controls, you can use the touchscreen to throw grenades or to fight with melee weapons. More details on the controls and a demonstration of how the game runs through Remote Play are available in the video below.

What’s notable is that the game runs smoothly on the Vita, with little to no lag. This shows that a lot of work has been put in by the developer to release the best possible product. As far as I noticed, fans’ opinions are shared. While many gamers praise Remote Play and plan on investing in Playstation Vita consoles in the future, others bash the feature completely. One of the major complaints is the fact that Remote Play is limited to the area covered by the Wi-Fi connection between the console and the handheld. One major difference I noticed between using Remote Play with Vita and with Z3 is that the need for an external controller. The PS Vita doesn’t require you to plug any controllers to it, because it’s designed as a gaming console in the first place. The Z3, however, is just a tablet and it only offers you the touchscreen. So far, Remote Play is a popular feature, with gamers happy that they don’t have to interrupt their game if someone wants to watch TV at the same time. It remains to be seen how it will hold out in the future.

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