Smart helmet comes with augmented reality features

We’ve discussed the use of wearables in the work environment before and decided that wearable tech is not only suitable for the workplace, most of all it’s useful, like the Smart Helmet developed by Daqri promises to be.

Wearable technology like smart glasses and smartwatches have been most popular in the past and those are the ones we’ve proposed for workplace use, but Daqri has come up with a smart hard hat dubbed the Android helmet that will not only protect your head in industrial and dangeropus environments, it will also offer you all the information you might need about the project you are working on – with the helmet on.

Google Glass, Baidu Eye and smartwatches like the Galaxy Gear S or the upcoming iWatch would be perfect for working environments since they would be able to map territories, offer tips and alerts, guidelines and connect to a company’s network so that it can create a perfect medium for interaction between workers. The Impact X from Bartec Pixavi or the Kyocera Brigadier are smartphones that have been designed for dangerous working environments with shatter-proof displays, shock- and waterproof bodies and overall appropriate maneuverability. Check the Smart helmet out below:


The Smart helmet on the other hand, offers the protection of a hard hat and the functions of either gadgets mentioned above. Smart Helmet was designed by the L.A. based Daqri, with augmented reality features implemented in the helmet. Its design is more similar to that of a bike helmet, but it does look pleasantly futuristic nonetheless. The helmet comes equipped with various sensors, cameras and a transparent visor that functions as a heads-up display for the Smart Helmet.

Thanks to the augmented reality functions, Smart helmet can show you instructions and build details superimposed with against real-world equipment and machinery.  The helmet can also detect malfunctions and send alerts to users when something has gone wrong in real-time, significantly improving the response time of emergency units. What’s interesting about the Smart helmet is that it is said to be capable of performing quality checks on advanced machines like satellites, which would mean the device is packing quite the specs.

It’s still in development, but so far Daqri has stated that Smart helmet will probably be powered by two  Snapdragon CPU’s which will save information on flash memory cartridges. The smart helmet has Intelli-track built in, which uses a computer vision technology that identifies and analyzes the world around you. Make no mistake, this device was designed with industrial functions in mind, excluding mass-production and catering to tech enthusiasts.

You will probably be able to pair the helmet with other mobile devices like smartphones and smartwatches, so it can offer complete integration with Android. The helmet will also be suitable for entry-level workers who can use the helmet’s augmented reality function in order to get better comprehension about the machinery, devices and environment they will be working with.

Daqri’s Android helmet, if successful, will revolutionize working environments and if it’s marketed in the proper way and made available to all kinds of industrial manufacturers from around the world, it will probably contribute to workplace safety and correct working conditions. It’s a wonderful development to see nowadays, since it puts the high-tech stuff we want to have or already do, on our phones to good use.