Galaxy Alpha mid-range version coming up

Samsung has had its round of applause when they exhibited the Galaxy Alpha at IFA Berlin last week. But since Samsung never settles, it announced the introduction of a budget Galaxy Alpha flagship to their portfolio.

Not that we didn’t have enough Samsung-related hype over the last few days, but the company is once again, releasing something new. The Galaxy Alpha was well-received thanks to the metal frame everybody was asking for. The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge were right there next to the Galaxy Alpha, with their own metal frames. Seeing the trio lined up next to each other and all the people in awe in front of them, Samsung realized that people want metal. Otherwise, we can’t understand why the company would release another Galaxy Alpha.

In any case, a new Samsung model was spotted today, the SM-A500. This device comes as Samsung’s attempt to offer high build quality for a low price. The new Galaxy Alpha model will not be a high-end device, so we aren’t expecting any spectacular specs to go with the metal frame. The device is targeted at people who want a premium-looking phone, but don’t need the ultimate specs a Galaxy Note 4 or HTC One M8 have to offer. It’s called a compromise, and surprisingly many people are willing to compromise.

What we know about the upcoming Galaxy Alpha budget model is that it will come made of steel, with a solid back, non-removable. It will probably be a 5 inch device on the border between smartphone and phablet, with a Full HD 720p Super AMOLED display. A snapdragon 400 CPU will probably be powering this device and its 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The Galaxy Alpha budget edition will come with 16 GB internal storage expandable by microSD card.

That’s all of the specs we’ve managed to gather about the SM-A500, or the Galaxy Alpha budget version. Nonetheless, we will know more soon because Samsung is planning on releasing more smartphones designed with the original Galaxy Alpha in mind. Yes, it’s because the metal frame caught on. Since Samsung has received a lot of criticism about the Galaxy line’s design, especially that of the Galaxy S5, the company has probably seen the errors of their ways.

Samsung might be planning an “A series” for 2015, made up of phones that will run as good as the Galaxy Note 4 but be as well designed as the Galaxy Alpha. We’ve been told that besides the SM-A500 Galaxy Alpha model, there will be two more devices in the works, at least. Sources say that these devices might be launched before the end of the year, so we can only assume that Samsung is prepping some nice toys for the holiday season.