iWatch appearance leaks in photos

The iWatch has finally been leaked in a couple of photos that have surfaced online and it looks like it might not be the most impressive thing ever built by Apple. We don’t know whether these photos are actual iWatch-shots, but sources are positive.

Right down to it then. Apple’s iWatch has been in the works for a year now, supposedly, but nobody has ever seen even a patent of it. Nonetheless, the iWatch will probably be unveiled alongside the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch Iphone 6 at the Flint Center tomorrow. The iPhone 6, in other news, might end up being called the iPhone Air, after all. Should we expect an iWatch and iWatch Air, too?

In any case, the damage has been done and somebody has slipped up and leaked parts of the iWatch on the internet. The image we have seen shows a rectangular hollow case which will supposedly house a sapphire crystal curved display. The case has a circular hole carved into it, which is probably there to make room for the heart rate sensor to be implemented in the iWatch. Since Apple is very keen on HealthKit, the heart rate sensor was a sure thing to be featured on the iWatch, alongside other fitness sensor which will work closely with the app to monitor your stats.

The iWatch, according to the same outlet who leaked the pictures, will include a microphone, a speaker, Siri integration, a “flexible multi-touch screen” that “will add a new dimension to the UI,” and a battery that will supposedly last all day. Supposedly, the timepiece won’t have any Lightning connector port, which suggests that it might feature wireless charging like other smartwatches like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Galaxy Gear S do.

Some sort of IP certification is sure to be included, because leaks are saying that the iWatch will be up to 2m water-resistant. That would suggest an IP68 certification, but we’ll see. You’ll be able to order the device in 8 (eight!) different versions, which will differ in terms of color, the company offering 4 schemes to choose from and screen size, of which two will be made available.

Mass production of the iWatch has been rumored to begin in September, but new information suggests that not only was the release date pushed back to 2015, but the mass-production as well. Sources say that mass production will begin in January, so we will have to wait a considerable amount of time until we get our hands on the new smartwatch from Apple. Ypu might want to try out some other options while you wait, like Asus ZenWatch for under $200 or Motorola’s Moto 360 for $250. They’ll surely be good time-savers. Get it?

Regardless of the new leak, the Apple event tomorrow will put everything in perspective. We’re going to see the iPhone 6 and iWatch in full bloom, hopefully not by themselves. Take this leak with a grain of salt and be patient until we find out the real deal directly from Apple tomorrow.

Check out the pics below. Do you think they’re the real deal or are they just a fake leak? Would you be disappointed if Apple would introduce a rectangular or a square iWatch tomorrow instead of a round one?