The Witcher Battle Arena enters closed beta

Renowned independent studio behind the critically-acclaimed Witcher series – CD Projekt RED – has announced that The Witcher Battle Arena has now entered in its closed beta phase. Those who signed-up will soon receive their invites via email, but if you’re still interested, you can join them by going to the game’s official signing page. As mentioned in the press-release, the closed beta focuses on balancing the gameplay – this being the most crucial aspect of any massive multiplayer online battle arena game – in addition to fixing any potential netcode-issues, and further refining in-game features. Players can choose between eight heroes and battle it out on two maps available in Conquest mode – The Nilfgaard Arena and Korath Desert.

“The Witcher Battle Arena is a fast, fun and accessible MOBA game based in the Witcher universe,” reads the official press-release. “Crafted to excel on mobile devices, Battle Arena combines great accessibility and a balanced learning curve with complex tactics and a limitless array of skill-based strategies gamers can deploy during each battle. Designed with fairness in mind, the game features no pay-to-win elements and allows players to unlock every piece of in-game content via gameplay.”

If you’re new to this whole MOBA games on mobile devices business, know that The Witcher Battle Arena is a MOBA title coming to Android and iOS devices, in which players take control of iconic and powerful characters from the Witcher universe. The game is developed by CDPR and Fuero Games – Battle Arena and another title being Fuero’s first forays into the industry – and promises “accessibility and gameplay above all.” The interface and gameplay were designed specifically with mobile devices in mind. Short and intense matches cater to the usual mobile gaming tastes, and promise an exciting adventure on the go. Of course, like most other mobile titles these days, The Witcher Battle Arena also features in-game purchases with real-life cash. That said, players can still unlock everything there is with in-game currency. You can check out more details on Battle Arena on its official page.