10 Awesome Gadgets you should check out

Technology nowadays has advanced a great deal compared to even 5 years from now, and it keeps advancing day by day. Everybody can easily become fascinated with all the high-tech gadgets appearing all over the world. There are so many examples of productive and innovative uses of technology, that if one wants to review everything that is worth a shot, one would need a lifetime to accomplish the feat.

Nonetheless, there are gadgets that stand out from the crowd and innovate in simple ways. Those are my favorites. Since it’s so hard to find impressive technology that actually works and is available, I’ve tried to compose a list of 10 gadgets that are worth checking out by the average tech-enthusiasts. I’ll try to pick the items from different categories, making sure that all of the are, or soon will be, available to the general public.

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR


Naturally, this one’s at the top of my list. That’s because Samsung has cleverly employed Google’s Cardboard VR technology using the Galaxy Note 4 and the amazing skills of the Oculus team. This headgear will only set you back a couple of hundred bucks and will offer complete and total immersion in a virtual world. Is that not worth it? You can play games and watch videos and still be able to interact with the real world surrounding you – if you still want to. 

Phorce Pro 3 way charging station

Charging stations are definitely not new, but the Phorce Pro isn’t actually a charging station. It’s a handbag/briefcase/backpack hybrid that can not only store your laptop, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and GPS – it can also charge them while they’re comfortably sitting there. I think this gadget is awesome because it’s the simplest and most practical charging station I’ve come across lately. The bag can charge up to three devices with its 26000 mAH battery. The bag also comes with a universal charging cable with 11 connectors (PC) MacBook charging cable (Mac) and a worldwide travel charger with 4 plugs (USA, EU, UK, Asia). Besides the whole hardware, the bag comes with its own app that will let you know how much power the bag has left in it, what’s the charging state of the devices resting inside the bag and it can alert you if it’s forgotten somewhere. Awesome right? The only setback of this gadget is its price: about $700, depending on whether you buy it equipped for Mac or for PC. 

OM/ONE levitating speaker

This orb-shaped speaker levitates. That should be enough of a description, but if you want to know more, it produces high quality sound unaffected by the fact that it’s a rotating device. It connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and it also offers a mic so that you can use it as during your phone calls. It’s also a portable little orb you can carry around with a rechargeable battery. The OM ONE will set you back only $179 if you pledge now, and the device will start shipping by December,

Earin Earbuds

Say goodbye to unimaginably tangled cables! The Earin Earbuds are wireless earbuds which function via Bluetooth. It doesn’t have a microphone so it won’t be of much other use than to listen to music, but having no cables to untangle and waste time with, is sufficient motivation to get these earbuds. It uses small rechargeable batteries which fit perfectly into the capsule-like charger and case the buds come in. The earbuds will set you back about $200, which is a hefty price, but it’s kind of worth it since it does away with cables.

Moto Hint

Moto Hint has just been launched at IFA Berlin last week and basically, it’s a wireless Bluetooth headset that’s the size of a dime. It comes as a complementary gadget to the Moto X 2014, but it is compatible with any Android device out there. It provides voice activation and syncs with Google Now to speak directions to you. You’ll be able to buy the gadget for $150 next month.

Roccat Sova Gaming Board

This one is not that much of an innovation, but it’s something I would definitely enjoy. It’s a keyboard/mousepad/table hybrid which you can use as your sidekick when hanging out on the couch, playing games. It obliviates the need for a gaming table, giving you all the space you need in order to effectively interact with your games. It’s a wireless combo, so that just adds to incentive. It’s still in development, set to be ready by the end of the year. An estimate price would be around $200.

Acer Aspire Switch 11

The Switch 11 is a Windows based convertible device, encompassing both the laptop and the tablet in its design and functionality. The Switch 11 sports an 11,6 inch display, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and excellent specs. You can use it either in tablet mode, laptop mode, stand mode and tent mode. It’s a really simple design put on a powerful computer, and it’s perfect for those of us who need a laptop, but want a tablet. It’s set to be on shelves by the end of the month for $400.

Sense the sleep monitor

Since I like orbs, I had to put Sense on the list. Sense is a small sphere decorated with geometric patterns and intricate design hiding a device that is quite smart. It allows you to activate it by a wave of your hand and it offers complete monitoring of your sleep patterns, then suggest improvements, set alarms and ambient noises fit for your needs. I mostly like the gadget because it’s a sphere and it has ambient lighting built in. You can pre-order it for #129.

Survival Belt

The Survival Belt is a project by SlideBelts and it offers the perfect belt for those of you who are more of the outdoors types. The belt looks amazing, is designed very well and from high grade materials and it has everything you would need in a survival situation. The belt includes a fire starter, multi-tool and even GPS. There are multiple versions of the belt available, and you can choose one depending on your needs, starting from $100 on Kickstarters.

Noke Smart Lock

Noke is a smart lock you can use for locking your bicycle, closet, door, cellar, anything you can think of. What’s neat is that Noke will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth and will instantly unlock when you are nearby. That is, if you want it to. You can also share the Noke and assign people the device will recognize and unlock in their presence. It also keeps track of your usage and can tell you when it has been unlocked or alert you when someone tries unlocking it without your permission. The gadget also features Quick-Click technology, which allows you to set a custom access code by pressing on the shackles. With all accessories included, the Noke will put you back $100, but you’ll only get your hands on it in February 2015.