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Death to Spies 3 Kickstarter launching today, demo available for downloading

Developer Haggard Games has recently revealed a few details about an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for its third entry in the stealth-focused Death to Spies franchise. Said crowd-funding initiative is set to launch today, and aims to raise $85000 by October 24th, with the game launching a year later. Death to Spies 3 promises to be a stealth-action game that combines the essence of franchises like Hitman (this one being the most obvious just by looking at its screenshots), Commandos, and Splinter Cell. What’s mostly unique about Death to Spies 3 is that the game focuses on more significant periods in human history, like World War II and the Cold War.

“Taking place in five countries (Europe and the United States), the main storyline is interspersed into the dramatic story of the John F. Kennedy assassination and the conspiracy theory behind it,” reads the game’s official description. “You play a KGB agent, who uses various sneak and spy skills to complete his mission objectives. Furthermore, the team mode will allow a player to involve two more game characters with unique sets of skills and tools, switching between them any time during the gameplay.”

Death to Spies 3’s key-features include social stealth-based gameplay (i.e. stealing a disguise and mingling in crowds, Hitman-style), non-linear open levels with multiple ways to complete objectives, and the ability to play and control up to three characters, each one possessing a unique set of skills and tools (this one coming from the Commandos games), in addition to offering a wide range of weapons, tools, and ways of sabotaging your environment.

The previous Death to Spies games have received mostly above-average review scores, with pretty much everyone agreeing that said titles are overly-difficult, but they’re nevertheless addictive and contain detailed level-design variations. Both games are exclusive to the PC, and it looks like Death to Spies 3 will be no different. You can download the demo by going to the game’s official website.

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