Fable Anniversary will be opened for modding on the PC

Earlier this year Lionhead Studios revealed that Fable Anniversary will be making its way to the PC this September. Now, PC gamers get another piece of good news as the developer told Eurogamer today that the game will receive modding support via the built in Unreal Engine 3 editor. Worth mentioning is the fact that only art and animations will be available for modding at launch, but Lionhead will support Fable Anniversary post-launch so that weapons, quests and characters will also be available for modding at some point. As you may or may not know, Fable Anniversary will be available on Steam once it launches, but wont feature full Workshop integration from the get go. However, the developer is working on this aspect as well and will hopefully deliver it in due time.

In other news, the PC version of Fable Anniversary will feature a Heroic mode that will make the game much more difficult. You can expect every creature to hit much harder than it use to and bandits will also prove to be quite challenging. Lionhead says that bandits who used to have Iron weapons now have Obsidian weapons and those who carried Obsidian now carry Master. To make things even more difficult, powerful opponents will spawn much earlier in Fable Anniversary’s Heroic Mode and you will only only gain 40% experience from all opponents. Moreover, you will find it difficult to restock on potions as a lot of the shops will offer fewer items and you will have to pay more in order to purchase them.

“Who’s worried about more expensive potions when you can make your fortune selling to Traders, right? Not quite.” Lionhead said in a blog post” .In these trying times, traders are tightening their belts and will offer you 50% less on any item you try to sell them.And the changes don’t stop there – for those hoping for an easy time with their Shield or Enflame spells, we’ve updated both to require more experience to upgrade and, even then, they’ll be less effective. But surely with all those changes, it’s not the end of the world? If and when you die, you’ll still have your trusty resurrection phials to fall back on, won’t you? Unfortunately not – we’ve removed them entirely.”

Fable Anniversary will be released for the PC on September 12th.