Mass Effect 4 Salarians look better than the trilogy ones says Bioware Producer

A pretty long time has passed since we heard any real news regarding Mass Effect 4, but we did learn an interesting detail from a Bioware dev recently. Mike Gamble is the Producer of Mass Effect 4 and you probably already know him if you watched the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 panel. Anyway, Gamble didn’t reveal much more about the game since then, but he did say on Twitter not long ago that he’s never seen Salarians look so good. Fine, so he didn’t actually say that they look better than in the trilogy, but that’s what he’s implying, right? In any case, that’s not much to go on, but at least we know that Salarians will be making a comeback in Mass Effect 4.

Thus far, Bioware didn’t talk too much about what races we can expect to see in the next installment. The company said on several occasions that we can expect some new races, but no further info was given. Regarding the other trilogy races, we saw a Krogan at one point during the E3 teaser so it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll also be seeing more of them in Mass Effect 4 besides the Salarians. The Asari and Turians are also probably going to be featured in the game, although Bioware has yet to confirm them as far as I know. Speaking of races, there are rumors saying that we might end up having more playable races in Mass Effect 4. Mike Gamble said at Comic-Con that “in terms of other playable races we can’t talk about that at this point.” Definitely not a confirmation, but he didn’t outright deny it either so who knows?

As for other details regarding the game, Gamble gave the classic “when it’s ready” response on Twitter after posting about how good the Salarians look now. “Gotta be patient man, we will show when we are ready. You’d rather have a great game tomorrow than a bad one today, right?” he said. Admittedly, I would indeed prefer to see a great game at a later time than a rushed one in the near future. The problem is that Mass Effect 4 is apparently still “years away from launch” according to Bioware, which is very sad to hear, to say the least. The development may have been affected by Casey Hudson’s departure even though the company denied it.

In any case, we’re not likely to hear any more major details in the near future, but hopefully we’ll at least be able to learn the game’s real title soon. Gamble himself said at Comic-Con that “It’s not called Mass Effect 4 dammnit!” But I mean, what should we call it? ‘Next Mass Effect’ isn’t really a good name, is it?