SanDisk launches 512 GB SD card, but can you afford it?

SanDisk just launched a new SD card with a crazy amount of memory that rivals even the hard drives of many PCs. You might very well be able to transfer a large amount of your hard drive data on SanDisk’s new 512 GB SD card, but it’s primarily used for cameras. And it will indeed be a great asset if you’re a photographer as it allows for uninterrupted video capture at super-fast UHS Speed Class 3 and it was designed to capture videos in 4K Ultra HD. The new SanDisk 512 GB SD card can also read at a speed of up to 90MB/s and write at up to 95GB/s. SanDisk also mentions that the card was build to withstand harsh conditions and is water proof, temperature proof, shock proof and x-ray proof. Need I say more?

Well, actually there is quite an important aspect that I do need to mention. The new 512GB SanDisk SD card costs no less than $800. That’s right, it costs even more than the camera you’re putting it in, unless you also happen to have a crazy expensive camera to go with it of course. On the bright side, you can get rid of all your smaller cards and just go with this 512 GB SD card to rule them all, which will certainly be more than enough for all your photo and video capturing needs. However, it’s more risky this way and much more painful if you lose this card than if you lose ten smaller cards.

I do need to note that SanDisk also launched two other SD cards besides the 512 GB mammoth. The other two cards comes with the very same features except for the memory. SanDisk is offering an 128 GB version for $200 and a 256 GB model for $400. All in all, these two will likely be more appealing to most people, but I’m pretty certain that there will be at least few interested in the 512 GB SD card as well.