Oculus Rift consumer edition said to launch next summer

According to VRFocus, Oculus VR is going to launch a public beta for the consumer version of Oculus Rift next summer. The head-mounted displays will be limited in number and distributed by the company itself. It has been revealed by several sources that the distribution of Oculus Rift might commence around April 2015 the earliest. As of now, there is no information regarding how the consumer edition of the head-mount device is going to look like or what new features is going to contain.

Oculus VR asked gamers to wait until the consumer version is released instead of rushing to buy the developer edition. It was already revealed that the CV1 (the consumer version of Oculus Rift) will cost around $200 and $400. Sometime, in the near future, we will also see the release of Samsung Gear VR, a device made by the Korean company in collaboration with Oculus. Samsung’s device will also be launched in a limited edition at first, titled “Innovator Edition”. The main difference between the two VR head-mounts is that, while Oculus Rift will only be available directly from Oculus VR, Samsung’s Gear VR will also be available through retail outlets.

Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 was launched in July 2014. Due to high demand, the company still hasn’t managed to fill all the orders. At the time of writing, there is a waiting list for new orders. This shows that the device has grown very popular and that there is very high interest in it.

Among the features we can expect for the consumer version, Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey assures that its resolution would be increased from the Development Kit 2 full 1080p display; with a refresh rate of 90Hz or higher. So far, Oculus VR didn’t confirm the rumor regarding the alleged beta-test, but once new information surfaces, we’ll keep you posted.