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Is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a Titanfall ripoff? Sledgehammer responds to accusations

It’s very hard to create something truly original these days when it fells like everything has already been done. However, some developers are still trying despite people accusing them of ripping off other games. Back at E3 2014, Sledgehammer Games unveiled Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, a very impressive looking title with a futuristic vibe. Now, I’m not a CoD fan and can hardly tell apart one title from another, but Call of Duty Advanced Warfare really stands out from the crowd and somehow managed to spark my interest for the franchise just a little bit. But, as always, there are people who are not easily impressed by the efforts of developers and call their games a ripoff. In this case, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was called a Titanfall ripoff by someone on Twitter.

“No matter how hard, you try and try, people will always be convinced that #AdvancedWarfare is a ripoff of Titanfall,” the user said. Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey responded to this claim by saying “not worried about it. When people play it in Nov, it will speak for itself.” Sure, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare does feature some giant mechs, but the game is not focused on that while Titanfall pretty much is. Condrey’s elegant response gives us even more hope that we’re going to experience a great game when Call of Duty Advanced Warfare releases later this year. We’re talking exoskeletons, hoverbikes, cloaking devices and all sorts of other good stuff so it’s hard not to get excited. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be released on November 4th for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and the PC.

As for Titanfall, the game had a pretty good run earlier this year, but then Watch Dogs came along and now Destiny is out so the hype died down considerably. Respawn Entertainment said that they will continue to support the game for a while longer, but eventually they will have to move on to other projects.

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