Bandai Namco launches PS3 exclusive Dragonball Xenoverse Beta test

Bandai Namco announced last month that the Beta phase for Dragonball Xenoverse was not far away and that we should hear an announcement regarding the matter pretty soon. Well, today the Beta was announced, but not everybody will be happy about it. Apparently the company decided to make the test exclusive to the PS3 so you wont be able to take part if you don’t own one, for now at least. Dragonball Xenoverse Beta participants will be able to test the game’s online component and provide valuable feedback that will help Bandai Namco to improve it. The Dragonball Xenoverse Beta begins on October 4th and you can sign up here for a chance to get in on the action. A post on the PlayStation blog reads:

“Thanks to this network test, fans will be involved in the game’s development and will be able to give their feedback, support BANDAI NAMCO Games in its server stress-test and, above all, get their hands on an early version of the game for the first time! We would like to stress that during this test, we are primarily concentrating on server-side feedback to test our technical infrastructures to ensure that the release of the game is as smooth as possible and therefore we need your help. Get a first look at Toki Toki City – a hub town where players from all over the world meet up and battle. You will be able to play as different races including Saiyan male, Saiyan female and Namekian! It is truly a first look at a completely new way to interact with Dragon Ball games.”

Dragonball Xenoverse promises innovative features and impressive visuals along with a story that should satisfy both long-time Dragon Ball Z fans and newcomers to the series. A release date has not been announced yet, but it was confirmed that the game will only arrive next year. Dragonball Xenoverse will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.