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Final Fantasy 15 demo scheduled to arrive next March

Update: Square Enix has confirmed the news.

Original Story:

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 15 looks to be currently in the work and Square Enix is expected to release a playable demo next March. This information comes courtesy of a leak and although the original article was since deleted, it can still be seen on NeoGAF. The leak also tells us that the Final Fantasy 15 demo will go by the name of Episode Duscae and will release alongside Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. This is a Remastered version of the PSP title with the same name, which will launch for the PS4 and Xbox One on March 17th, 2015. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD will reportedly include a voucher that allows players to try out the Final Fantasy 15 demo for free.

“Gamers have been waiting to play Final Fantasy XV for a long time, but a chance to sample the gameplay is coming soon,” the original article said. “A downloadable demo for the next numbered Final Fantasy will be available in 2015, and lets players see some opening sections of the game in action. Square Enix is calling the demo Episode Duscae, and though it focuses on the early parts of the game, some elements of the progression have been altered in order to make it more suitable for a demo experience. Some players will be able to get Episode Duscae for free thanks to a voucher included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which releases on March 17 in North America. A representative from Square Enix could not confirm that the demo will be available the exact same day as Type-0 HD, but it will be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One when it does release.”

Since this is a leak and not confirmed by Square Enix we advise you to take it with a grain of salt for the moment. Hopefully we’ll hear an announcement regarding Final Fantasy 15 during the Tokyo Game Show 2014. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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