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Kindle Voyage – smaller high-res e-book reader listed

Almost a year has past since Amazon updated the Kindle line, the Kindle Paperwhite being the last device released by the company. A refresh to the tablet line was an expected occurrence, and some diligent people have spotted a Kindle Voyage listing on German and Japanese Amazon stores.


The Kindle Paperwhite featured a 6 inch E-ink screen with 1024*768 resolution and 212 ppi,  2 GB internal storage, 3G and WiFi and was the favorite e-book reader of many bookworms. The most attractive feature of the Kindle is that it can last up to 65 days on a single charge. I personally really liked the Kindle Paperwhite especially with the unlimited 3G internet from Amazon.

The Kindle Voyage has surfaced today, and it seems that the e-book reader will be a smaller edition with a higher resolution than the Kindle Paperwhite. A 300 ppi display and 8 mm thickness are the most notable information coming from the diligent searchers who found the listing. The 8 mm thickness on the Kindle Voyage turn the device into the thinnest Kindle ever. It will allegedly sport 112*116 mm dimensions, and will cost $190 for the Wi-Fi version and $250 for the 3G version.

Supposedly, the Kindle Voyager is set to launch on November 4 and many are glad to hear that they will be able to upgrade from their current Paperwhite Kindle. I don’t necessarily think that an upgrade is needed for the e-book reader, but a higher pixel density count would be much appreciated anyway. I’ve never been bothered by how thick the Paperwhite was, because 9 mm doesn’t seem that much thicker than 8. In any case, I’m looking forward to the Kindle Voyager.

Personally, the feature I most enjoy on the Paperwhite is the E-Ink display, because it actually looks amazing and the black and white color scheme does not bother me when browsing, even though some users miss the blue of Facebook. Nonetheless, I hope Amazon keeps the E-ink display on the Kindle Voyage.


Do you think that e-book readers are a thing of the past and should be replaced by tablets? What do you think of E-ink displays? have you foud anything else that can last you a full 56 days of reading? kindle-voyage


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