New FIFA 15 Ultimate Team trailer revealed

In typical EA Sports fashion, they are definitely keeping us in the loop now that FIFA 15 has not much left to go until it hits the stores. After community manager, Rob Hodson recently announced that EA will drop the Ultimate Team trade offers, producers came out with more interesting news on FUT. Marcel Kuhn, the Ultimate Team associate producer for FIFA 15 explains in a newly released trailer some of the unique features in the game’s Ultimate Team mode. Features such as the brand new Concept Squads and Player Loan are described by EA’s official. On top of this, producers have a surprise in store for Xbox users. Here goes:

“Welcome to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, or FUT as we like to call it. This year, we’ve taken the mode to a whole new level with fresh features such as Custom Squads, Friendly Seasons, Loan Players and more. The new Concept Squad feature is a powerful squad planning tool that allows you to plan future squads using the entire FUT player catalog. Use it to plan your next Transfer Market buys, find replacements for players, and test up different chemistry combinations. And the best part is you can share your squads with friends, or copy and comment on their squads via the EA Sports Football Club news feed. Keep score with friends in the all new Friendly Seasons mode: challenge your friends in the 1vs1 version of the fan Friendly Seasons mode and track your stats.”

Kuhn continues, and says that now you can have any football idol on your team thanks to the new Loan Player feature: “Anyone wanna know what’s like to have Messi on your team? Pre-order the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team edition and get the chance to play with him as a loan player. With Loan Players, you’ll be able to try out some of the most sought after players by signing them to your club on loan. Using the EA Sports Football Club catalog you can sign loan players for a limited number of matches to see how they fit in your team before pursuing them on the transfer market. To get started, all FUT fans will get a loan player when they build their first squad in FIFA 15.

Any additional loan players on the market can be found in the catalog and acquired using Football Club credits. And finally, exclusively on Xbox: we have more than 50 legends to choose from. Look out for football legends such as Alan Shearer, Peter Schmeichel, Carlos Valderrama and many more. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lets you feel the game. This is your chance to show the world that your squad is the Ultimate Team.” You can watch the new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team trailer below: