Ubisoft will hold a livestream to showcase WatchDogs DLC

Ubisoft announced on Twitter that they will hold a livestream in order to preview the first WatchDogs DLC, “Bad Blood”. The stream will take place on monday, September 22nd at 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time. During the livestream, there will also be a Q&A with the developers and several prize giveaways.

So far, we know that “Bad Blood”will feature a different protagonist, Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney, who was a supporting character in the main game. In contrast with Aiden Pierce, the main character of WatchDogs, Kenney is a much lighter character. His appearance includes a trucker cap and dreadlocks and he has a fondness for beer. “Bad Blood” is set shortly after the events of the main game. T-Bone wants to leave Chicago and disappear, but before that he has to save the life of Tobias Frewer, a former employee of Blume. The DLC is not different from the main game in terms of gameplay. In fact, what makes it unique is Kenny himself. He, just like Aiden, is an experimented hacker, but he has a much different personality, which changes the tone of the game. For instance, instead of Aiden’s telescopic nightstick, he has a monkey wrench, which he uses to take out guards.

The DLC’s campaign contains ten missions. In order to progress, players will have to use the same abilities as in the main game. However, “Bad Blood” brings a brand new feature to WatchDogs: true co-op. This is introduced through one-off missions that can be found around the city. The co-op feature is called “Street Sweep” and it involves T-Bone teaming up with a random hacker to take down gangs and, therefore, clean-up town.

Stay tuned to find out what the developers reveal about the new DLC through the livestream. “Bad Blood”will be available on September 23rd for those who own the Season Pass of WatchDogs. The other players will get the new content on September 30.