Hoaxers claim that the iPhone 6 has a microwave charging feature

Another year, another iPhone hoax it seems. Last year a group of hoaxers managed to convince several people that an iOS 7 update would make their smartphones waterproof. Needless to say, the ones who tried out the feature for themselves ended up with some pretty damaged or even broken iPhones. This year’s hoax is just as ingenious and potentially even more dangerous for your device and yourself. 4Chan(via Reddit) created an ad claiming that the iOS 8 update introduces the “Wave” feature, which allows you to charge your iPhone 6 by placing it in a microwave oven. Granted, the ad sounds rather convincing, but it should be pretty easy to understand why such a thing would be impossible. Even so, at least a couple of people confirmed that they tried this and it destroyed their iPhone 6 smartphones.

This is what the ad says: “Wave is our latest and greatest addition to iOS 8. Wave allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequencies. Wave can be used to quickly charge you device’s battery using any standard household microwave. Wave will become automaticaly activated when you update to iOS8. You can now Wave-charge your device by placing it withing a household microwave for a minuted and a half. iOS 8 contains new drivers that interface with your device’s radio-baseband allowing it to synchronize with microwave frequencies and use them to recharge your battery.”

It goes without saying that you should definitely not try this at home because not only will the microwaves fail to charge your iPhone 6, but they can actually damage it beyond repair in a matter of seconds. Moreover, there’s a pretty good chance that you might also blow up you microwave oven if you attempt this so consider yourself warned. That being said, ‘Wave’ is pretty much the best iPhone 6 hoax yet and I, for one, can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next year. For more information click and enlarge the image below.