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New Dragonball Xenoverse characters and PC version announced by Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco apparently had a change of heart and decided to also release a PC version of Dragonball Xenoverse next year. Not only that, but the game will even be available on Steam, which is always the ideal scenario when it comes to PC titles. There have been very few Dragonball games released on the PC in the past so this decision might seem a bit unusual, but Dragonball Xenoverse is not your average fighting game. Aside from featuring a character creation that let’s you make your own customizable Sayian, the game also has an online component. This basically means that it borrows elements from RPGs and MMOs, two genres that have always been very successful on the PC. The company also announced some new exclusive characters that will play a very important role in Dragonball Xenoverse.

  • “Mira, the artificial creature trying to be the strongest creature in the universe, and Towa, a dark scientist coming from a demonic world, seem to be up to no good… They are currently planning to change the DRAGON BALL universe as we know it. Just like the evil magician Babidi in the past, they are trying to gather as much “Kiri” as possible. For what purpose…? Only Supreme of Kai Time knows.”
  • “The Supreme Kai of time looks like a child but is far from being this young… Indeed, 75 000 000 years ago, this deity showed up for the first time and seems closely tied with the bird called TokiToki! Behind the disturbed and weirdly acting birdie, lies a very powerful life-form that can produce time!”

The characters Towa and TokiToki were mentioned as well by Bandai Namco, but no further details were given so they’re still pretty much a mystery for now. Characters aside, we recently learned that Dragonball Xenoverse will feature a Master System. This allows your Avatar (aka your custom character) to receive special training from some of the franchise’s most recognizable characters such as Goku or Vegeta. Moreover, your chosen Master will not only train you to use their special moves and skills, but will also come to your aid on the battlefield. Dragonball Xenoverse will be released next year for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and the PC.

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