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Fifa 15 is now available in North America

Fifa 15 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in North America, according to EA Sports. The new addition to the popular football franchise will contain several features that were not present in the previous games. One of the improvements brought to it is dynamic match presentation, a feature that brings unique fan reactions, chants and behaviors, which contribute to the atmosphere during the match. Goalkeepers are also improved, with over 50 new save animations and a smarter AI, which can perform more realistic tips and deflections. Speaking of which, watch this:

While going through a situation like this yourself can be very frustrating, you have to admit that the developers really nailed it when it comes to realism. Speaking of which, players can now show emotion based on what happens during the match. Furthermore, as the match progresses, you might notice that the pitch has surfaces that wear down, the corner flags move and the goal frames shake.

EA Sports also emphasizes the Fifa 15 Ultimate Team will also contain new features such as Concept Squads, Friendly Seasons, Loan Players and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive Legends. Concept Squads allows Fifa 15 players to plan future squads using the entire FUT player catalog. This way, you can plan your next Transfer Market buys or test out different Chemistry combinations. Friendly Seasons allows you challenge your friends in a 1v1 version of the Seasons format. Through Loan Players, you can try out some of the most sought after players in FUT by signing them to your club via loan for a set amount of matches. Legends is what the title says: an Xbox exclusive which brings legends of the past to the game.

As I already stated, North American fans can play Fifa 15 right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The worldwide release will take place on September 25. At that date, everyone will be able to play the game. Though it wasn’t mentioned in EA’s press release, Fifa 15 is also out on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, with the release dates being the same as those of the next gen version.

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