Warframe update 14.5 out now on PS4

Developer Digital Extremes revealed Warframe update 14.5 for PS4 and the features it brings to the game. Warframe is a free-to-play co-op third person shooter, released initially on PC (March 2013) and PlayStation 4 (November 2013). The game arrived on the Xbox One console in September 2014.

The 14.5 update will bring several new features to the game. First of all, the mod cards are receiving a facelift. Players will now be able to scroll through a larger list of Mods in the Upgrade and Mod station. The developer has also included multiple configurations for each weapon present in the game. Furthermore, the information under Capacity now responds to player changes in real time and gives a detailed breakdown of what changes are being made.

Starting with update 14.5, a new in-game event called Operation Cryotic Front will be available, replacing all the previous “Survival” missions that take place on a terrestrial landset.

Players will be able to gather power cores from specially marked enemies in order to fuel a Scanner, which locates an area where to drop an Excavator. Afterwards, you have to reach the respective digsite, power the drill and defended it while it searches for Cryotic, a rare resource.

The new update also brings a brand new weapon, called the Glaxion to the Warframe. Glaxion is the first weapon to use Cryotic in its construction. With it, you can freeze enemies into solid blocks of ice at a distance. Other weapons available after applying the update include The Karyst Dagger and the microwave pistol Nukor.

It might seem weird to you that I’m talking about update 14.5, when Warframe’s latest update on the PC is 14.8.0. Well, the thing is, this article applies to the PS4 version. Game updates on this console take more time to arrive to the players because Sony has to verify and approve them. This is why it took them until now to put out the new content. With the PC, the process is easier, since the developer can release the update without any third party being involved.