Vizio brings affordable 4K to your living room

If you’re considering a 4K transition, why not think of Vizio’s new P-Series 4K LED sets? Vizio’s strategy regarding the 4K market is different and exciting when you come to think that this TV manufacturer has been producing premium 4K sets with high capabilities and low prices.¬†Charging only $1,000 for a 50-inch panel TV with Ultra HD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) seems as cheap as it can get, but this is not the only criteria that made this new series of Vizio TVs take center stage. Two of the high-end features the P-series is showcasing – full array backlight panels and local dimming, makes these new TVs even better. Why?

Simply because this type of setup is usually found on the most high-end sets, and Vizio has been implementing these pricey features on all its 2014 models. The limousine of the P-series, the 70 inch Smart LED TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution is on a mission to “break the backs” of its rivals. With 72 local-dimming zones, Active Pixel Tuning, granular brightness control, responsive smart TV, and of course the 1080p 4K Ultra HD output capability, this high-end TV will come very close to the near pitch perfect image OLED TVs have to offer.¬†experts say that judging by the picture quality alone, the P-series is an “excellent choice.” Vizio says these premium TVs will be capable of displaying 4K videos with up to 60 FPS via a suite of Smart TV options. Netflix, Amazon and others are included in the list. The five sets of the P-series are featuring a native refresh rate of 240Hz along with a simulated Clear Action Rate of 960Hz.

To handle the massive processing power, six core processors have been deployed – a quad-core GPU in tandem with a dual-core CPU. All five P- series models are available for pre-order on the company’s official website. The prices are as follows: the 50-inch P-series will cost $1000, the 55-inch model will sell for $1400, the 60-inch for $1700, the 65-inch will go for $2200, while the 70 inch will set you back $2500. Vizio has certainly delivered a state of the art line of 4K TVs with the new P-series which is to be looked at as a serious threat by its main competitors.