Asphalt: Overdrive is now available on iOS and Android

Gameloft released a spin-off to their popular Asphalt mobile racing games series. The new game is called “Asphalt: Overdrive” and it involves intense arcade racing and police chases, among other features.

Asphalt: Overdrive is a mission-based arcade driving game. There are seven different mission types available in the game. These include police chases, boss fighs, obstacle courses, and even stunt performing. During the game, you can unlock up to 30 fully licensed cars, including Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa. You can also upgrade your car in order to be able to win the more difficult races. The game is set in California, and according to Gameloft,it features a retro atmosphere. In Asphalt: Overdrive you can play with your friends through connecting the game with Facebook. In addition, you can also team up with friends and achieve weekly objectives. Players can also compete in limited-time, Gang and League events and attempt to reach the first position in the leaderboards.

Asphalt: Overdrive is now available on iOS and Android. A Windows Mobile version is coming soon, or so the developer assures. According to Gameloft, unlike the other games in the series, Overdrive is optimized for compatibility with a wider range of phones, including older models. The downside of Asphalt: Overdrive comes from a certain in-game feature that I’ve personally grown to hate: in-game purchases and ‘energy’ that drains. In short, you are awarded in-game cash for completing missions and you can use it to acquire car upgrades. Besides completing missions, you can acquire in-game cash with gold bars that can be found through the game or bought with real money. And now we get to the one feature that, at least for me, is a game killer. You can use gold bars to refill the energy level, because it decreases after a certain number of races. If you don’t want to spend gold bars, you have to wait for the energy to fill. Of course, the matter here is that, most of the time, you don’t have enough gold bars to refill your energy, so you can either pay or wait.