Dota 2: There won’t be a Diretide event this year says Valve

Valve recently announced that Dota 2 will undergo lots of changes once the new Rekindling Soul Update (also known as 6.82) kicks in. This update introduces a new rune to the game, adds some new Arcana items, reworks some heroes and even changes the map for the first time ever. However, this is only the beginning apparently as Valve says that it has several other updates scheduled to launch later this year and another major one set to arrive in early 2015. As one might imagine, the company is very busy at the moment so it had to make a tough decision in order to ensure that all future updates will arrive in due time. Valve announced that Diretide will not come to Dota 2 this year seeing as how they’re so busy with the updates and all.

“One more thing: we on the Dota 2 team have a number of updates in the works right now that we’re really excited about, some for the rest of this year, and a big update for early next year,” Valve said in a blog post. “But we’re pretty sure we won’t be able to make enough progress on the larger update if we put it down to work on Diretide – so we’ve decided that we’re not going to ship a Diretide event this year. We know that last year we weren’t clear enough in our communication about this, so this year we wanted to be up front about it early. Next year will bring monumental changes to Dota 2, and we’re confident that when you’ve seen what we’ve been working on, you’ll agree it was worth it.”

Some of you may remember that there was quite a fuss last year because of Diretide. Valve didn’t initially want to ship the event, but it eventually caved it due to the ridiculously high amount of complaints from the community. It seems like this year the company wanted to announce beforehand that Diretide won’t be coming to Dota 2 in order to avoid another ‘incident’. It’s pretty safe to assume that most players will not be happy about this and we’re likely to see a plethora of “give Diretide” comments yet again. I mean, there’s even a website dedicated to this so needless to say, the event is very important to many people. Roshan will probably be very sad as well because no one will give him candy this year, but at least he’ll have a brand new pit to chill out in once the new update hits Dota 2.