Battlefield Hardline will not be buggy at launch according to Visceral Games

Nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that doesn’t come with its fair share of bugs. This wouldn’t be so bad as they usually get fixed in time, but sadly a lot of new titles are pretty buggy right when they launch. Battlefield 4 was one such title and it took a bit until everything was more or less sorted out. Presumably this won’t be the case with Battlefield Hardline according to Visceral Games who says that the game is “going to work” at launch, meaning that we can expect it not to feature any game breaking bugs. Creative Director Ian Milham also added that Visceral has started working on Battlefield Hardline more than a year before its predecessor came out.

“What you’re basically asking is, ‘Is you’re game going to work?’ and the answer is yes, it’s gonna work,” Milham told Game Revolution. “We actually started on this more than a year before Battlefield 4 came out. We’ve been working with the DICE guys for a long time; some of our engineering work is actually in Battlefield 4 and things they’ve been doing since then. It’s in pretty great shape now and all that work is gonna come into what we’re doing. We already had one very successful beta, we’re going to have another beta on every platform we ship on. We take shipping a working game pretty seriously. So, yes, the game will work.”

Battlefield Hardline was initially meant to come out this Fall, but has since been delayed till 2015. Needles to say, many people were upset about this decision, but hopefully Visceral uses the time to make the game even better and 100% bug-free at launch. Milham admits that there might be a few small issues, but only because Battlefield Hardline is such a large game and problems tend to arise from time to time with titles of this size. Battlefield Hardline will be released next year for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.