Xbox One is the first modern gaming console to be launched in China

After 14 years, the Chinese government has decided to lift the ban regarding the use of foreign consoles, and take a shot at Western technology once again. The Chinese people can now enjoy the new Xbox One gaming console along with ten official games specially approved by their government. All production and sale of foreign gaming consoles was banned fourteen years ago by the Chinese government, as they were believed to have a negative influence on children. Microsoft is the company that starting from today will change it all, with the release of its Xbox One console in 37 Chinese cities. The console is accompanied by ten games as follows: Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central Spotlight, Rayman Legends, Forza Motorsport 5, Neverwinter Online, Trials Fusion, Zoo Tycoon, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, and Powerstar Golf.

The above mentioned titles are available for download, and 70 more are allegedly on their way. Beijing officials drafted a censorship criteria regarding video games release on Chinese territory after the longstanding ban on foreign gaming consoles was lifted. The main focus of this criteria is to prevent the release of any content that could potentially prove harmful to China’s image. So, for example, we will not see a Battlefield 4 release, due to the fact that it depicts fictional war scenes between the People’s Liberation Army and US Marine Corps. Other things that will not be tolerated by officials regarding the games to be released on their market include obscenities, insults, racial and ethnic hatred. Based on this, it is possible that game developers will have a sudden change of heart and will simmer down some of the banned content, so that they can qualify for this huge market.

The other two console manufacturing giants, Sony and Nintendo are expected to bring their consoles on the vast Chinese market. Sony manifested a clear intention to do so in the near future, but Nintendo has not made any referrals in that sense for now. The console gaming joy is now brought by the Xbox One, which is the first gaming console to be officially sold in China.