Dreamfall: Chapters Book One release date announced

Red Thread Games revealed the release date for the first part of Dreamfall: Chapters, the long awaited sequel to “Dreamfall: The Longest Journey”. The kickstarter-funded game will be released on October 21st, 2014, according to a video that the developer released on YouTube. For some reason, the video’s availability is set to unlisted, meaning that you need to have the link in order to be able to watch it (don’t worry, the embedded version below should work fine).

According to Red Thread, they are working hard to finish Dreamfall: Chapters, and now they are in the final stages of production, preparing for the launch. The first part of Dreamfall: Chapters, titled “Book One: Reborn”, will contain the prologue and the first two chapters of the game. The rest of the story will unfold in the other four parts or Books, that are going to be released sometime after Book One. The developer states that Dreamfall: Chapters, while having a brand new story, will also conclude the story from “The Longest Journey”, as Book One picks up where that game left off.

The title “Reborn” is explained through the status of the two main characters that will be present in Book One. ZoĆ« Castillo wakes up from the coma she was left at the end of “The Longest Journey”, while Kian Alvane gets out of the prison where he was waiting to be executed for his crimes. In other words, they are reborn and ready to go on another adventure. Just like its predecessor, Dreamfall: Chapters takes place in two parallel worlds: Stark, a futuristic version of Earth, and Arcadia, a world of magic and chaos. The developer describes this setting as a “meeting between Blade Runner and Game of Thrones”.

Red Thread assures that the story of Dreamfall: Chapters will allow both fans of “The Longest Journey” and new players to embark on the new adventure without being confused. You will follow the two characters after their so-called rebirth and you will make choices that might have short-term consequinces or long-term consequinces that will affect the stories of the other Books. Stay tuned for this long awaited adventure game, and play it starting October 21st on Linux, Windows or OS X powered computers or on the PlayStation Network.