Driveclub gets new info on in-game features

Driveclub aspires to be that one of a kind racing game that gearheads cannot do without. Not long to go now for the upcoming PS4 exclusive title and game director, Paul Rustchynsky is constantly teasing us with a generous stream of information on the features that this soon to be released racing beauty will be offering us the fanatics, and the rest of the PS4 crowd. Driveclub brings a more exotic and glamorous touch to the racing simulator world, joining the ranks of genuinely sophisticated racing titles such as Gran Turismo, Project Cars, or Race Driver: Grid.

Driveclub can also be compared head to head with Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive)  an open racing world with numerous possibilities, high-end luxury cars, and player interaction. In recent Twitter news feeds courtesy of Driveclub’s director, details on in-game visual customization are revealed. Namely, players will be able to perform an in depth customization of their cars’ color with the option to select the paint type, and live pattern type. Also, they will be allowed to choose and modify their club badges, race numbers and accolade stickers. As a member of a club, you will be earning rewards throughout the game based on how well you do. You can leave a club and join another whenever you feel like it, but this will cost you all the rewards earned with the respective club to that point. Fortunately, you will get them back if you decide to rejoin the club afterwards.

Driveclub racers will also have the option to make the HUD invisible, Rustchynsky looking to give players the possibility to deactivate the off road warnings. Also, name tags above each car can be switched on or off. If you just wanna jump in for a ride, the time trial mode will allow you to drive any unlocked car on the tracks you’ve made available and post your time results on an online leader board. Furthermore, we will see a class based type of racing featuring cars of the same class, contrary to what we have seen in previous game trailers. The photo mode will be made available as well after the game gets launched. Driveclub will be out on October 7, this year in North America, October 8 in Europe, and October 10 in the UK. As mentioned earlier, Driveclub will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.