Forza Horizon 2 bug causes game-freeze on Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 just launched on Xbox One, and users are already experiencing some serious in-game issues. Increasingly high numbers of player reports have started pouring in, all of those affected complaining about a glitch that causes the game to freeze frequently, which of course means forcing an unhealthy hard reset. Some players are reporting roads that become invisible under the car and music looping in the background, according to a feed. The problem in question seems to be caused by a conflict between the game’s features and the Xbox One’s hardware. The good news is that the console automatically saves the game progress, and will put you in the exact same spot after performing a hard reset and a game restart.

Allegedly, the source of this issue lies in Xbox One’s memory handling process. The console has a slow and gradual way of accumulating memory, and this seems to be causing the Xbox One to struggle in keeping up an optimal rendition pace for the huge gaming environment of Forza Horizon 2, where the player gets to transition very fast from one position to another. This task puts a tremendous strain on the system’s RAM unit. The faster the player will move around in the game, the more difficult it will be for the memory unit to keep up. This is why the console needs to have the capacity to efficiently flush high volumes of memory. However, there are a few solutions to get around this problem, not so elegant, but reportedly efficient. Periodic full resets are recommended to help with this issue (unplugging the cord for 30 seconds before turning the console on).

Another possible fix that will solve the problem is to switch the Xbox One to “Energy Saving” mode (Power and Startup menu settings) instead of the “Instant On.” This will cause a slower console startup, but it should fix the problem. Developers seem to be aware of the problem and promise a fix soon for Xbox One’s Forza Horizon 2. Here is the official announcement: “We’re aware of an issue with the October preview beta dashboard update that’s causing these freezing/lockups for some users, a fix is incoming soon.” So let’s hope this upcoming fix will put the game freezing bug to bed for good.