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Android L might be Android Licorice

New Android L Lemon Meringue Pie build shows up

Android 5.0, dubbed Android L and supposedly called Android Lemon Meringue Pie has recently shown up in a video, running on the Nexus 5, on an issue tracker website. Android L is one of the most hyped Android updates so far with everybody looking forward to testing out the new mobile OS for themselves.

Android L

The new Android L build has shown up on Chromium under the build name LRW87D shown in a rather embarrassing state: crashing. The new Android L build forces videos on the Nexus 5, dubbed Hammerhead to crash, but that will surely be fixed by the time the Nexus 6 reportedly launches on October 16.  The crash on the fresh build of Android L happens when users try to play videos from Discovery, so we don’t know how much the bug affects Android Lemon Meringue Pie in other playback areas.

The new Android L build showed in the Chromium tracker also reveals something else: new tweaks to the navigation keys and status bar icons. New Android L tweaks and additions might mean that Google is still playing around with the OS and trying to make it as perfect as possible for its launch date, which is good news. Google has been pushing Android L Lemon Meringue Pie as an optimized OS for 64 bit mobile devices like the HTC Desire 820 and Desire 510 and the Lenovo Vibe Z2.

There is already an Easter Egg present in Android L developer preview, where you would have to go to Settings, then to About phone, than to Android version and tap on it several times after which it will give you some blue and red rectangles, referencing Google’s rickrolling attempt on Youtube. The new Android L build nr. LRW87D seems to be only 5 days old and features resized navigation buttons and different icons for the battery and wireless status.

Google has recently fixed about 18 reported bugs on the Android L, including tethering issues, wireless protocols, sensor-related problems, Firefox crashes, notification logs and settings crashes. Releasing the Android L Developer Preview was a smart move on Google’s part because developers can contribute to the development of the new Android OS in order to make its release smooth and bug-free, unlike the iOS 8 release which needed immediate updates (which didn’t fix anything, rather ruin them even more). Android L Lemon Meringue Pie official launch date is rumore dto be October 16, alongside the new Motorola Nexus 6.

Android L
Old Android L
New Android L

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