Here maps is coming to Android

We have been hearing rumors about the Nokia Here maps being developed in an Android friendly version and thought about how much users will enjoy the navigation app, since it’s considered superior to even Google Maps in many circles. We had heard that Nokia Here was going to be developed specifically for Samsung handsets, but it seems that all Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher will benefit from the service.

The best feature Nokia’s Here maps has is that you can get directions from point X to point Y without having an internet connection, which isn’t possible with Google Maps or Apple Maps. The official unveiling of the Here maps for Android hasn’t happened yet, but an APK has leaked and it seems that you will be able to run the application on any Android device. Rumors say that once Here maps for Android launches, it will only be available in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, but it will  show up on the Google Play Store later this year, too.

Nokia’s Here maps is also expected to be made available for Samsung Gear wearable devices as well, although there hasn’t been any information about whether Android Wear users will benefit from the highly regarded navigation app. Whilst the Here maps app for Android is still in beta, you can already download the APK and try it for yourself. Windows phone users have had the Here maps app available by default, and iPhone users also had an iOS version available (not that good, though). so it’s good news that Android enthusiasts will also be able to use it later this year.

With Here maps, you’ll be able to create an account and download maps and save collections in case you will be needing them for offline use. Much like Google Maps, Here maps lists the duration of the journey, number of miles, main routes and any potential traffic delays, if you’re not in offline mode. You can also see speed limits and receive notifications if you’ve crossed them, as well as voice guidance.

Many are excited to see Here maps on Android and we’re curious to see how users will appreciate the offline mode which will certainly come in handy when traveling and wanting to bypass high data roaming costs. Although saving maps to your device will require a fair amount of space, it still is a welcome feature that many will surely benefit from.