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iPhone smart glasses – Vuzix now compatible

The Vuzix M100 smart glasses were first announced last year at the CES event and they are inherently Android powered devices. So far, only Android users could benefit from Vuzix M100 smart glasses, but a new update has rolled out for the wearable device, OS 2.0 update which will allow iPhone users to connect to the Vuzix M100.


iPhone users will now be able to use the hands-free features of the Vuzix M100, which rivals Google Glass in design as well as features. A dedicated iPhone app from Vuzix is set to roll out shortly and will allow iPhone users with iOS 7 and up to use the augmented reality and voice command features. The Vuzix M100 is pretty similar to Google Glass, except for its price. The smart glasses will retail for around $500 which looks better than the Google Glass price tag does.

The optical display on the Vuzix M100 projects a WQVGA resolution screen right in front of your eyes, which is comparable to a 4 inch cellphone display in use. You can wear the projector on either eyes, depending on your preference.  It’s powered by an OMAP 4 processor and the system is now optimized for Android 4.0 as well as iOS. Hardware controls include power, selection and volume up and down, while the smart glasses also gauge 3-degrees of freedom through head-tracking, alongside an integrated compass and GPS. The Vuzix M100 also features a camera so you can pretty much be just as ostracized as Google Glass users.

The smart glasses will hold out for about 2 hours of intensive use, and 8 hours of typical use, as per Vuzix. What I like about the Vuzix is that you can use it on top of your regular glasses, which isn’t really possible with any other augmented reality or virtual reality headset out there. It’s nice to see that the gap between iOS and Android is narrowing each day, and iPhone as well as Android running smartphone users can benefit from most of the new technology that is constantly being rolled out.

If you’re keen on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or already own the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, the Vuzis M100 would be a nice accessory for you, especially if you’re fond of augmented reality and virtual reality as well. The iPhone 6 is a pretty fresh launch and if you’re planning on getting it for you for someone you dearly cherish, it would be nice to get it with an accessory like the Vuzis M100, to make your or their holidays unforgettable.

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