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Bugbear’s Next Car Game just got a new name: Wreckfest

Bugbear Entertainment has announced yesterday on their official blog a fresh out of the developing studio Build #6 for their upcoming derby style demolition racing title: Next Car Game. Or should I say Wreckfest? The producers have come up with this new name for their “wreck happy racer” with the help of the game’s highly active community. Wreckfest will be a fun pedal-to-the-metal game in which you will literally fly across the racetrack, smash into other cars like a lunatic, and use every dirty trick behind the wheel of your car to claim the derby king crown. According to developers, Wreckfest will now feature a 18 player Multiplayer mode in which you will be able to challenge your friends to take part in the twisted metal carnage.

Wreckfest will have four different game modes to choose from, which include the Racing, Demolition Derby, and the new Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes. Game developers are planning to enhance the multiplayer experience and gather 24 players simultaneously in one session, but they are taking their time for optimizing the network game code. See how the two new modes to be featured in Wreckfest are described: “Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, in which you’re not limited to a single car like in the classic Demolition Derby game mode. In short, if you get ganked, you can rejoin the fray with a brand new banger, and keep on truckin’! You may grin while you do so, it is entirely permitted.” The Build #6 also brings a new Speedway oval “8 shaped” track made up of two racing courses in which your driving skills will be tested, as well as your threshold for punishment.  

A brand new European coupe with a massive engine unit, staggering horsepower and light frame is a notable addition included in this new build. Bugbear also got some work done on their suspension physics, but there are many more finishing touches to be made. Take a look at a few changes employed in Build #6 of Wreckfest:

– The Field of Vision can now be altered, letting you find the combination of visibility and sense of speed you enjoy the most. (Check this video to see how FoV affects your sense of surroundings and speed.)
– Reversing now turns the camera so you can see where you’re backing to, which is especially useful in derby matches, where reversing into someone is an effective way to deal some damage without crippling your own car in the process.
– Car upgrades now work on online modes as well
– You can specifically search for servers where your Steam friends are playing

For a full update list, visit the official game forum. Check out a fan made trailer of the game below:

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