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2.0 Firmware

Rumour – PS4’s 2.0 firmware to be released before Driveclub

If a known industry insider is to be believed, PlayStation 4’s highly-anticipated 2.0 firmware update will be released sometime before Evolution Studios’ Driveclub launch-day, which is October 7th. Apparently, said insider – ‘Tidux‘ – has received details directly from a source working for Sony – “I was told that the update 2.0 would be released before #Driveclub, but now it’s time for the waiting game. #PS4”.

Announced back in August, PS4’s 2.0 firmware promises to include a wide range of fan-requested features, such as the ability to share gameplay videos on YouTube, the ‘Share Play’ feature which allows online co-op gameplay of games even if your friend doesn’t have a copy of the game in question, in addition to remote-controlling PlayStation 4 titles over internet. Even though Tidux has a pretty good track-record of leaking information related to PlayStation 4 firmware way before its official announcement, you should still take this information with grain of salt and consider it a rumour.

Speaking of Driveclub and the PlayStation 4, Sony has revealed a few weeks ago two additional bundles for its latest console featuring said game and various other goodies. It’s important to note that these bundles will only be available in Europe, and only starting October 8th (that’s when the game launches on the continent). First up is the Glacier White PS4 bundle (seen above), which includes the game, a Glacier White PlayStation 4 console, and an equally white Dualshock 4 controller. Said package will set you back €439.99. The second one (seen below) is called the PS4 Gamer Edition bundle (costing you €499.99), and includes Driveclub, a black PlayStation 4, two black Dualshock 4 controllers, and a black PlayStation camera.

The White edition will be available for purchasing in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Czech, Hungary, Cyprus, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Norway, and Spain, while the Black one in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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