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Styx: Master of Shadows gets a launch trailer

Cyanide Studios, the developer behind “Of Orcs and Men”, released the launch trailer for their upcoming stealth game, Styx: Master of Shadows.

The trailer is narrated by Styx himself, who reveals his origins, or to be precise, his lack of knowledge regarding his origins, to the viewers. In the video, you can see the main character of Styx: Master of Shadows in action, as he sneaks in different locations, kills his enemies in silence and disposes of their bodies. According to the developer, other gameplay elements of Styx: Master of Shadows involve the main character using abilities such as invisibility or amber vision, which allows him to detect hidden foes and areas. The main character can also clone himself through magical means and using his double to scout areas or to create diversions. Bottom line, staying in the shadows is the best way to ensure your survival in this game, as enemies adapt their behavior based on your actions, making direct confrontations very challenging. You can watch the trailer below (and listen to the awesome music played during it) to see all of these for yourself.

Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game, set in Cyanide Studios’ already established universe from “Of Orcs and Men”. Looking at its gameplay, it reminds me of games such as Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia (in terms of gameplay mechanics). As it was revealed before, Styx: Master of Shadows presents the story of Styx, a Goblin who embarks on a journey to steal the heart of a World-Tree. In order to accomplish his task, he has to infiltrate and climb the Tower of Akenash. The story deals mostly with Styx understanding his origins, while learning new things throughout his journey.

Styx: Master of Shadows will be released on October 7, as a digital download, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game costs 30 euros, but, if you get it on Steam until October 13, you will get a 20% discount. At the time of writing, there are no news regarding a retail, physical version of the game.

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