How to fix a bent iPhone 6 – Funny, sad or useful?

Do NOT try this at home. Do not try this at work. Don’t try this at all. PeripateticPandas youtube channel uploaded a video on how to fix a bent iPhone 6. The video seems to be shot in Budapest, Hungary. For lack of a better word, the maniac in the clip drills two holes in this new iPhone 6. After the drilling, he screws it onto a piece of wood. The spoof video gathered nearly 3 million views in 7 days, and it just spread across different websites.

We don’t know if the phone working in the last image is the same one that was drilled into. It might have the end of the screws glued on. Nonetheless, it’s fun to watch what people will do with their expensive electronics for some views. It certainly gets my vote! Best use of an iPhone in a youtube video. Much more original than Will it blend, Drop test or Bending test.