Broadcast GoPro adventures directly from your iPhone

The GoPro action camera has become a very popular gadget all around the world, allowing people to easily film high-quality videos of themselves doing whatever you can imagine. With a GoPro, you can film yourself jumping off a cliff, skydiving, parachuting, rollerskating and any other extreme or casual activity you can think of. So far, you could only broadcast live videos from your GoPro if you had a PC with an internet connection on hand, but Livestream, a broadcasting site, now offers an updated app for GoPro users so that they can stream live broadcasts directly from their iPhones.

Livestream has updated its application yesterday to add live broadcasting support, because many GoPro users have been voicing their desire to have such a feature. The current Livestream app has only been updated for iOS at the moment, but Android support should be surfacing soon, too. Now, you can attach your GoPro to your car and broadcast your racing skills live to your friends, family or followers. It seems that as long as you have an iPhone and a fairly capable data connection, you will be able to benefit from Livestream’s new feature.

Live streaming has become quite popular recently, mostly because advancements in technology allow for better internet connections, cameras and other gear that can make it easy for you to broadcast your activities online. The GoPro feature of Livestream lets iPhone users connect their phones to the network of the GoPro camera and with a simple tap, one can start broadcasting what the GoPro is shooting. The app also supports live video filters, chat functions and snapshot posting. The app should work with all current GoPro cameras, as well as the GoPro Hero4, according to Livestream.

GoPro action cameras have been on the market since 2006 and the gadget has advanced a great deal since then. Most enjoy GoPro cameras because they’re small and can record high definition video as well as take snapshots. Low-light capturing has been improved a great deal on the newest GoPro Hero4 model, and 4k recording has been also added to the list of features. Bluetooth has also been added to the GoPro Hero4 and rumors say this might lead to external audio recording devices that can pair with the GoPro so that you can record high quality audio as well, since audio quality on the GoPro cameras could use some improvements.