OnePlus One update rolls out today

The OnePlus One has been called many things, from tease to flagship killer, but the company didn’t let critics bring it down, even though there doesn’t seem to be much to actually destroy. OnePlus is the manufacturer of the OnePlus One flagship, which you can only get your hands on if you’ve got an invite from somebody. The flagship will be up for pre-order at the end of this month, but only for a limited time only, so keep your eyes on OnePlus media outlets to see when the pre-order system is launched.

Even though man find it easy to criticize the OnePlus One, many invoking lack of support and direct refunds as one of the main issues with the company, others finding bugs and defects on their OnePlus One flagships. A new update for the OnePlus One is rolling out today, and it aims to fix both the issues listed above. OnePlus wants to demonstrate that it is interested in what OnePlus One owners have to say and will provide adequate support for them through the update. Besides showing that the company still cares, the new OnePlus One update also brings other fixes and new features that will improve your user experience.

The OnePlus One update will improve performance and stability, as well as allow for the OnePlus One camera to shoot in RAW format. OnePlus says that the update will also make improvements to the overall touchscreen experience, making it more responsive and easier to use. The most important part of the OnePlus One update is that it will improve the device’s battery life, according to the company, as well as offer a new lockscreen and an ANT+ support. The firmware update also brings improved audio playback capabilties to the OnePlus One, allowing it to play 24-bit 96KHz/192KHz .flac, .alac and .wav files. You can see the rest of the changelog for the latest OnePlus One firmware update below:

  1. Added method for users to report bugs directly to Cyanogen.
  2. Added pause button during video recording.
  3. Fixed issues with camera exposure compensation stuck in ‘auto’.
  4. Fixed issues with ‘4G Preferred’ option not connecting to 3G data.
  5. Fixed issues with delay in torch activation.
  6. Fixed issues with unresponsive screen requiring reboot.
  7. Fixed issues with static in speaker when changing volume while headset plugged in.
  8. Fixed issues with rotation not triggering when rotated slowly.
  9. Fixed issues with Quiet Hours / system UI causing battery drain on last day of month.
  10. Fixed issues with camera not starting when LED torch is already on.
  11. Fixed issues with Bluetooth volume low on connection.

If you have already received the OnePlus One firmware update, let us know what kind of improvements you can notice on your flagship, as well as how you’re liking the new fixes and tweaks.