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HTC Desire Eye price and release date revealed

HTC held its eccentric Double Exposure event yesterday, with models livening up the show, and launched two new devices: the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC Re camera which rivals the GoPro. The HTC Desire Eye is a selfie-centered smartphone which is on the border between mid-range and flagship phones. HTC’s event concentrated on cameras, clearly, and also revealed the Eye Experience platform for HTC devices as well as an optimized ZOE for Android and iOS.

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The HTC Desire Eye was the highlight of the show, even though the Re camera is an very interesting compact point-and-shoot camera. The HTC Desire Eye has two dual 13 MP cameras, one on the rear and another on the front of the device, both equipped with dual LED flash. HTC emphasized all the features you will be able to use from the Eye Experience in conjunction with the amazing camera setup on the HTC Desire Eye. One of these features is that you will be able to take simultaneous shots with both cameras and crop yourself into shots you’ve taken.

The HTC Desire Eye sports a polycarbonate unibody and the critically acclaimed BoomSound speakers, which make it resemble the HTC One E8 more than we would have thought.  The HTC Desire Eye display is a 5.2 inch Full HD one with a 1080*1920 resolution. It’s powered by a quad core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU backed by 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage, with a microSD card slot available. The juice on the HTC Desire Eye is provided by a 2400 mAH battery.

The HTC Desire Eye will be launched in France by the end of the month for around $675, which is more or less the price of the HTC One M8 flagship. Even though, after the event, we thought that the HTC Desire Eye would not pass the $500 price tag, it seems that HTC sees potential in this handset and is pricing it as a flagship should be priced. I honestly believe that the HTC Desire Eye is worth the almost $700 price tag, because it does offer flagship specs and great cameras, the only drawback of the phone being the plastic build. Actually, that’s not even a drawback, if you think about it, since many people actually prefer plastic over metal and the HTC One E8 (the plastic version of the One M8) fared pretty well with consumers, so I don’t see why the HTC Desire Eye wouldn’t.


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