Oppo N3 release date, specs confirmed

We had previously thought that September was a month packed with new releases that wouldn’t be outdone this year.But it seems that October will be just as busy, with the HTC Double Exposure event, the iPad Air launch event scheduled for October 16, the Nexus 9 event set for the same date as Apple’s upcoming show, the Nexus 6 and Android L launches set for October 15 as well as the newly confirmed Oppo N3 release date, set for October 29.

With such busy month, we will surely be getting new devices and gadgets each week, from different companies, and the Oppo N3 is one of the most expected smartphones of the year. The Oppo N3 will probably rival selfie phones like the HTC Desire Eye, launched yesterday, featuring dual 13 MP cameras on both the front and the rear of the phone. We had previously discussed about the swiveling camera on the Oppo N3, the successor of the Oppo N1. It seems that the Oppo N3 will sport the same design on the camera, only with a higher MP count than the Oppo N1.

It hasn’t been long since Oppo released the Find 7, Find 7a, Oppo N1 and Oppo Neo 5, but the Oppo N3 still managed to get a fair amount of Android and smartphone enthusiasts in general, riled up. The company has now confirmed that the Oppo N3 release date is set for October 29, with a special event to be held in Singapore. We can only assume that the Oppo N3 will be globally available shortly after that date.

The Oppo N3 will be available in two different build versions, one with a stainless steel frame and the other with aerospace grade aluminium-lithium. While the Oppo N1 was closer to the mid-range category than the high-end category, the Oppo N3 should be a flagship phone that will not only rival selfie phones, but stars like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, iPhone 6 and Lumia 930. The Oppo N3 is said to feature a 13 MP rotating camera with a 206 degree swivel-capacity, so to speak, as well as 5.9 inch display with a 1080*1920 resolution, similar to the upcoming Nexus 6 from Motorola and Google. The Oppo N3 will also sport a quad core Snapdragon 805 CPU backed by 3 GB RAM.

We are eager to see how the Oppo N3 will look like when it is officially launched, since we don’t have much to go on, with only a few renders of the phone scattered here and there. We’ll keep you updated about the October 29 Oppo N3 launch event and will help you tune in if it gets live streamed somewhere. Until then, keep in touch for more news about the swiveling camera sporting handset from Oppo.